From the Principal's Desk …

God has made every child a unique human being with enormous potential. To nurture their uniqueness and capabilities they need safe, supportive and positive environ. Aryan Heritage ensures that it will provide the helping hands and the support system where each and every student will be understood, valued and attended. It will be our endeavor to keep the promise set forth in our Mission statement: to give them quality education, to inspire them towards a healthy growing up, to equip and empower them with life skills, courage, optimism, and integrity to pursue their dreams and enhance the lives of others. So that our future citizens be self-motivated, independent, confident decision makers with the abilities to meet the challenges in the everchanging ways of the society and the Nation.

I strongly believe that learning is a continuous process. So we, at Aryan Heritage, as community learners, will work together to prepare the ignited minds of tomorrow's world through a balanced and stimulating curriculum which will be a harmonious blend of scholastic and co-scholastic programmes. The children will have the freedom to choose activities according to their interest and aptitude. Throughout the year, inter-house competitions will be held to enhance awareness, collective wisdom, critical thinking, and cooperation.
The school will have its annual magazine--'कोंपल' consisting of an anthology of poetry, creative write-ups, artworks, photo-shoots, travelogues, memoirs and much more exclusively deliberated upon by the children and team members of the Aryan Heritage.
Here, at Aryan Heritage, we strive to foster in our students a sense of values, responsibility, and appreciation of our own culture, tradition, ethnicity, and heritage. So that the pride and heritage of our motherland could be sustained and conserved for generations.
To instill such pious values, the school has introduced a theme for this session--"INDIA-OUR NATION" and through different activities throughout the year, we will help, guide and motivate our children to know our country better.
We are sure that only through such effective education, our agents of change would be nurtured, trained and developed into a positive, productive and responsible global citizens of tomorrow.
I hope that the parents along with the vibrant and enthusiastic team of Aryan Heritage will cooperate with each other for the positive growth of our children. Remember, we are our children's learning models. Our attitude towards education inspires and motivates them to take charge of their own educational journey. So it's my earnest request to the parents and the team members that be a role model for their learning--explore the world together.
I would take this privilege to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for believing in our vision. I sincerely admit that your trust has become my source of inspiration to live for my passion, my mission to achieve and deliver the essence of education. I welcome you all to the family of Aryan Heritage.

Jai Hind!


(Principal, Aryan Heritage)