Sports and Cultural Activities

Healthy body needs healthy mind and healthy mind makes healthy society. The two factors sport and cultural activities are inter-related.

Sports are the index of courage and determination and cultural activity is the index of imagination and creativity. For holistic development of the child our curriculum instills winning and team spirit among the participants. Following are the highlights of our periodical sports and cultural activities.

Inter-house and interschool cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, badminton, swimming competitions Athletics are the important events, organized for the students. Our

athletic activities include – Sprints, long races, long & high jumps, short put, javelin through, relay races, hurdles, cricket, football, ring ball, kho-kho, volleyball and many more. A proven presence of school sports team in various sports events has always been appreciated by media and people. Cultural aspects are a reflection of men’s own development through various stages. We have a strong cultural calendar to ensure our students remain in touch with rich cultural heritage and also sharpen their skills to preserve them. At the same time they get ample opportunities to develop their personality through these activities. Dramatics, Songs, Poetries, Folk Songs, Folk Dance, Indian Classical Music, Western Music are some of the major heads under which students are exposed to present their creativity and imagination skills. Poster Making, Paintings, Doll Making, model making, Cartoons, Puppets, Crafts, Soft Toys, Fine Art, exhibition etc. are the various ways school using to bring creativity in the hands of students.